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  Logistics profile of Oss
Nowadays, Oss is a multimodal hub for the Southeast Netherlands. With its location close to the Den Bosch - Nijmegen railway, the Maas River and important motorways such as the A50 and A59, Oss is easily accessible by rail, water and road. This applies to the residents of Oss, to non-residents and to road transport and haulage in the broadest sense. From a wider perspective, this accessibility will be improved further still as a result of the radical infrastructural transformations in the regions of Den Bosch, Eindhoven, and Utrecht. Oss is conveniently located in respect of all of the important harbours and international airports in the Benelux region and Germany.

The Elzenburg industrial estate has two harbour arms with a direct connection to the Maas River. As a result of the construction of a balance bridge at Macharen, container ships with four layers (navigation class 5b) are also able to reach the Oss harbours; with the Oss transshipment station as the midpoint for the supply and transshipment of goods. The upgrade of the freight track at Elzenburg, plus the radical reconstruction of the N329 enable Oss to manage its role in multimodal transport even more effectively.


The presence of ‘road, water, and rail’ plays an important role in the appeal of the Oss business climate. This trimodality gives Oss the opportunity to achieve its ambition: to attract high-quality, technology companies, particularly in the food, feed and pharmacy sectors, and the affiliated or independent service providers. Plus it allows employment in these sectors to be retained and increased and allows the economic position of Oss to be strengthened.


The logistics power of Oss is made even more attractive by the large number of suppliers such as warehouses, co-packers, assembly, box-making and graphics companies, plus the marketing and communication agencies.


In addition to the central location of Oss, the presence of trimodality and the history of Oss with regard to logistics, the actual figures speak for Oss and its industriousness. With more than 84,000 residents, 40,000 jobs, 5,500 businesses and a 700-hectare enterprise zone and 70 hectares of land ready for allocation, Oss is the second inland harbour and the sixth city of Brabant. Oss is facing the future with confidence.

Oss... that's why!

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Oss: easily accessible by water, road and rail