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Driver State Sensor
16 december 2013
Den Hartogh Logistics trials Smart technology in Fatigue risk management
In its continuous drive for increasing road safety, Den Hartogh Logistics will test the recently introduced Driver State Sensor (DSS) system. The DSS system is an automated Fatigue Monitoring Systems to ensure driver alertness and is being put in place to eliminate the risk of road accidents.

Hans den Hartogh, director at Den Hartogh; “the test with the new DSS fits well in the Den Hartogh Safety Awareness program. In driver trainings we explain and discuss the risk of fatigue and distraction and ways to prevent these risks. The trial we have now set up is intended for testing the DSS system as well as getting maximum learning on the actual influence of fatigue and distraction on our drivers during their work”.

Den Hartogh is operating 2 trucks in the trial. One truck is operating as dedicated vehicle in gas logistics. This truck runs double-shift (both day and night-shift). The other truck is operating on a single-shift basis in the logistics of bulk liquid chemicals throughout Europe.

The DSS monitors the face of the driver through a camera. If the driver is indicated fatigued or distracted for more than a few seconds while driving, an alarm will go off in the cabin and a vibrating unit in the driver seat will alarm the driver.  At the same moment an alert goes off from the truck to the operations team at the Den Hartogh office.

Den Hartogh works actively together in the trial with a selected group of coach and truck companies. The trial will run from December 2013 until August 2014. During this period the trial partners will have several meetings to discuss their experiences.

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