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21 march 2011
Oss does not present itself effectively as a logistics centre and because of that, Oss misses opportunities.
Marinus van Dorst
director of Heineken Breweries Southeast Netherlands

Oss, why not? 
In 2008 Heineken Breweries Southeast Netherlands closed the distribution centres in Helmond, Den Bosch and Nijmegen and one central location was opened in Oss. When asked: ' Why Oss?', Director Marinus van Dorst responded rhetorically: "Why not? Oss is the ideal operating base for us."


From the outset, it was clear that the new distribution centre had to be situated between Ekkersrijt (Eindhoven) and Oss. In terms of conditions and opportunities, ultimately Oss came out top. This was to the amazement of the people at the head office, where this city was almost unknown. Van Dorst: "To the outside world, Oss just isn’t appealing enough. Its central location, great access, appealing industrial estates, the active business community and collaborative authorities … it is all still too unknown. I therefore had to put forward a strong case to be able to relocate our business to Vorstengrafdonk."


During 2010, the Heineken site at the Vorstengrafdonk industrial estate was expanded by a number of new divisions. The TSO, the technical service for the food service industry, the staff of the TSO and the Supply Chain division (Procurement and the Warehouse) moved from Den Bosch to Oss. Meanwhile Heineken really has put down its roots in Oss. Something that Van Dorst has worked hard to achieve. By, for example, supporting large events such as Winterland, by taking an active role at FC Oss and by offering food service businesses attractive conditions. Van Dorst: "It is clear that the food service industry in Oss is attempting to catch up, even though the nightlife here could use a bit of a boost. The same applies to the retail and housing market. Oss does not have the real highlights that make city as a whole appealing." That is less applicable to the industriousness, even though Van Dorst is of the opinion that Oss should present itself more effectively as a logistics centre. Plus the SMEs should make themselves heard more.


With consent and copied in a slightly updated version from Statement, the newsletter of the Oss Industrial Circle, issue 1, 2009.

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