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Theo van Loon - directielid Bracofeed Groep Bracofeed - locatie Oss
11 april 2011
As a place of business, Oss quite simply came out top.
Theo van Loon
board member Bracofeed Group

Theo van Loon, board member of the Bracofeed Group was one of the speakers at the conference entitled 'Rotterdam and the power of the hinterland' which was held in Oss. Enthusiastically, he informed the 150 members of the audience why the Bracofeed Group opted for Oss.


"For Bracofeed, numerous factors were fundamental when ultimately choosing Oss as our place of business. For example, the relative location of Oss to large waterways in respect of markets, the harbour of Rotterdam, the German hinterland and the current production sites. But also the availability of sufficient land and the trimodal access of the harbour area. When appraising possible places of business, Oss quite simply came out top ", said Van Loon.


Even so, Van Loon has a couple of recommendations for Oss. For example, he is of the opinion that Oss could present itself better still as a logistics hub between the important harbours (especially Rotterdam) and the German hinterland. And the better the trimodal access, the greater the business community’s interest in Oss will be, he concluded. Van Loon recommends that, when canvassing companies, Oss mainly focuses on the manufacturing industry; the logistics partners and other suppliers will then follow automatically. Looking at the authoritative businesses in the feed and food sector that are already located in Oss, he can do no other than to conclude that these are the most likely sectors by which Oss can expand its potential for businesses.

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